Huffington Post: Consumers are Open to Artificial Intelligence, but Quality Experiences are Key

Huffington Post: "Consumers are Open to Artificial Intelligence, but Quality Experiences are Key" From time to time, my day job affords me some pretty cool writing opportunities. This is one of the highest profile. After CES (Consumer Electronics Show)  2017, I wrote about the hype surrounding Artifical Intelligence at the show. The piece was originally… Read More

Rue Morgue #150: David Cronenberg Novel Review

Rue Morgue #150: David Cronenberg Novel Review In this issue, I reviewed David Cronenberg's debut novel, "Consumed." As you might imagine, it's heavy on body horror—self cannibalism, diseased breasts, and much more. As you'd also imagine, no matter the medium Cronenberg is a terrific storyteller with an unnerving imagination. I didn't love the mechanics of… Read More

Rue Morgue #136: V/H/S 2 Review

Rue Morgue #136: V/H/S 2 Review As part of a larger package on the release of "You're Next," I wrote a sidebar review of V/H/S 2, which is bar-none the best installment in that anthology movie series. The completely, insanely over the top "Safe Haven," directed by Timo Tjahjanto and Gareth Huw Evans, is the standout… Read More

Amazing Stories: Horror Blogging

Amazing Stories From 2013 to 2014, I wrote 56 blog posts for the relaunch of the classic science fiction pulp magazine Amazing Stories. I primarily wrote about horror in all its forms, from comics to TV to books and more. I did a decent amount of TV recapping, which was fun even if two of… Read More

Full Stop: Literary Blogging

Full Stop Between 2012 and 2014, I wrote 12 pieces for the online (and now print; but it was only online then) literary journal, Full Stop. While my pieces largely focused on comics and graphic novels, I also did some interviews and reviews. The archive of all of my pieces is here. The two pieces… Read More

Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison

Buy Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison Amazon Critical Insights: Harlan Ellison As part of a larger critical study of the work of the legendary and brilliant SF author Harlan Ellison, I contributed a short essay under the auspices of The Paris Review, called “The Paris Review Perspective.” Year 2011 Publisher Critical Insights Read More

Lifewire: Tech Writing

Lifewire: Tech Writing Sicne 2007, I've been writing about tech—mostly Apple products, with a heavy focus on the iPhone and iPod—for what was and is now Lifewire. In that time, I've covered pretty much every major iPhone-, iPod-, and iTunes-related story. I've written thousands of articles: how tos, reviews, troubleshooting, blogs, email newsletters, and… Read More

Rue Morgue #39: Junji Ito

Rue Morgue #39: Junji Ito I wrote a feature-length profile of horror manga master Junji Ito in this issue. If I had to pick the single greatest creator of horror comics in the world today—and probably of all time—I'd pick Ito. His "Uzumaki" series is peerless, and his short "The Enigma of Amigara Fault" is basically… Read More