Cemetery Moon #8

Buy Cemetery Moon #8 Direct - $5.00 Cemetery Moon #8: "Bedroom Eyes" My short story, "Bedroom Eyes," follows a man who breaks into people's houses, trying to make his way through architectures and labyrinths that only he can see until he finds just the right person in their bed, awaiting him. Year ?????? Publisher Fortress… Read More

After the End: “Wormwood”

After the End: "Wormwood" My story "Wormwood" appeared in this anthology of stories that take place after an apocalypse has already happened. This version of "Wormwood" is an update to a story I first wrote in college, but it's substantially overhauled. In this version, an ecological disaster is viewed through the microcosm of a teenager's… Read More

Punk Planet #56

Buy Punk Planet #56 Quimby's Punk Planet #56: "Free Eugenia" This issue of the late, lamented, awesome magazine Punk Planet contains my first professionally published piece of fiction, "Free Eugenia." I wrote the story my senior year of college after a trip to visit friends in Los Angeles. That was my first visit to the… Read More