Unknown Subjects

Buy Unknown Subjects comiXology - $1.99 Unknown Subjects The world is full of mysteries and secrets. Whether they lurk in the middle of a cornfield, in a board creaking in the darkness of our homes, or inside those who are closest to us, we often don't see the secrets, don't solve the mysteries, until it's… Read More

What Lies Inside: Split Lip 10th Anniversary Edition

Buy What Lies Inside Direct - $25Gumroad - $7.99comiXology - $7.99 What Lies Inside: Split Lip 10th Anniversary Edition Celebrating 10 award-winning years of Split Lip, “the best horror anthology on the Internet,” this nearly 350-page edition collects 13 of the best Split Lip stories from its first decade. In addition to the stories—many of… Read More

Caliber Presents #2: “See No Evil”

Buy Caliber Presents #2 comiXology - $7.99 Caliber Presents #2: "See No Evil" The second installment of the relaunched Caliber Presents featured "See No Evil," a story that originated in Split Lip. Trevor Denham provided the art for the story, about a demon hunter with a nasty—potentially deadly, but probably more for other people than… Read More

Caliber Presents #1: “Victims”

Buy Caliber Presents #1 comiXology - $7.99 Caliber Presents #1: "Victims" The premiere issue of the relaunched anthology series from long-running independent press Caliber Comics featured the Split Lip story "Victims," which was drawn by Steven Perkins. Caliber—both the company and the anthology—were the baby of writer/editor/publisher Gary Reed. Gary died unexpectedly, and far too… Read More

Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe

Reviews Winner, Best Web Comic 2014 —Horror Comics Awards “A little something for everyone, from creepy campfire stories and cryptids to overbearing mothers and the eerie feeling of being watched.” — Between the Panels Buy Victims Direct - $15Gumroad - $3.99comiXology - $3.99 Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe Tales of existential horror… Read More

Labor and Love: A Garland of American Folk Ballads

Buy Labor and Love Gumroad - $1.99comiXology - $1.99 Labor and Love: A Garland of American Folk Ballads There is a group of compelling, bewitching folk songs that are part of American’s cultural DNA: murder ballads, work songs, sea shanties. Though many of them originated in the British Isles, immigrants brought them here and filtered… Read More

Last Caress and Other Uncanny Encounters

Reviews “Split Lip is the best horror anthology on the Internet.” — Comics Should Be Good “Costello emerges as a keen student of horror, one who understands the nagging thoughts that keep us awake at night, as well as a sharp-eyed curator of artistic talent.” — Gamma Squad Buy Last Caress Direct - $15Gumroad -… Read More

Termites In Your Smile and Other Relationships Gone Wrong

Reviews “Some of today’s best horror comics.” — The Providence Phoenix “(Costello and Evergreen) unite for a starkly gruesome final panel that adds a welcome sour note to the sad sweetness of the proceedings … It takes a lot for a collaboration of this sort to work so effectively.” — Sean T. Collins Buy Termites… Read More

The Harvestmen and Other Unnatural Creatures

Reviews “The webcomics answer to anthology series like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery.” — io9 “In a day and age when the cliffhanger endings of many box-office thrillers leave us wanting our money back, Split Lip offers a terrifying anthology so engrossing we don’t mind reading the tales again and again.” — Broken Frontier… Read More

Not Sleeping Well and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

Reviews “The only (webcomic) to ever give me the chills was Split Lip.” — El Santo, The Webcomic Overlook “The narrative sensibilities of Rod Serling with the visual flair of a Crypt Keeper tale.” — Strange Kids Club Buy Not Sleeping Well Direct - $15Gumroad - $3.99comiXology - $3.99 Not Sleeping Well and Other Things… Read More