My Apple TV

Buy My Apple TV Amazon - $25Que - $20 My Apple TV This how-guide covers every aspect of the 4th Generation Apple TV, from set up to use to troubleshooting. Every tip and tutorial in the book is illustrated with step-by-step screenshots to make it easy for beginners to follow along and to give useful… Read More

My iPad for Kids

Buy My iPad for Kids Amazon - $25Que - $15.99 My iPad for Kids This how-to book is aimed at kids, families, and schools who use the iPad. It’s got step-by-step illustrated how-to pieces, lots of troubleshooting tips, and suggested apps to help kids with their schoolwork for grades 4-7. Year 2012 Publisher Que Publishing… Read More

Stand Tall, Be One: My Life as a Radical Priest

Buy Stand Tall, Be One Amazon (print) - $10 Stand Tall, Be One: My Life as a Radical Priest I served as the ghostwriter to Father Michael Bafaro for this autobiography. Father Bafaro is a fascinating guy. He’s a Catholic priest, joined the priesthood in the 1950s, and then immediately embarked on a radical career… Read More