Winner, Best Web Comic 2014
—Horror Comics Awards

“A little something for everyone, from creepy campfire stories and cryptids to overbearing mothers and the eerie feeling of being watched.”
— Between the Panels

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Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe

Tales of existential horror and questions we may not want the answers to

What do we really know about those who are closest to us? What deep-rooted secrets do they conceal from us? And if we could discover the truth, would we even want to? Victims and Other Questions for an Empty Universe confronts these questions, and others, in 6 strange stories.

These stories will make want to leave the light on—so you can keep an eye on the person lying next to you.

Featuring the stories:

  • Victims, with art by Steven Perkins
  • Unsub, with art by T.J. Kirsch
  • Eight Days Alone, with art by Matthew Goik
  • Safe as Houses, with art by Felipe Cunha
  • Doll’s House, with art by Savannah Horrocks
  • Lone and Level, with art by Max Temescu
  • Cover art by Shane Oakley
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