“Some of today’s best horror comics.”
— The Providence Phoenix

“(Costello and Evergreen) unite for a starkly gruesome final panel that adds a welcome sour note to the sad sweetness of the proceedings … It takes a lot for a collaboration of this sort to work so effectively.”
— Sean T. Collins

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Termites In Your Smile and Other Relationships Gone Wrong

Stories about the dark side of relationships between friends, family, and lovers

Does the line between insanity and the supernatural matter if it costs you a friend? A lothario faces a grisly vengeance from the mysterious women he’s wronged. A ghost-hunter encounters a ghost bearing a disturbing truth. A tree grows leaves that show a family’s secret history.

These stories, and more, come to disturbing life in the pages of The Harvestmen and Other Unnatural Creatures, a collection that proves that strange thoughts beget strange deeds.


All stories written by Sam Costello

Includes the stories:

  • Termites In Your Smile, art by Douglas Draper, Jr.
  • The Tree of Remembrance, art by Nelson Evergreen
  • Lessons, art by Michael Furious
  • Beyond the Campfire Light, art by Jason Ho
  • The Executioner Is a Lonely Man, art by Brian Laframboise
  • If You Get Close To Her, Kiss Her Once For Me, art by Christine Larsen
  • Departing for the Third Heaven, art by Josie Morway
  • PrettyBoy, art by Karl Slominski

Cover art by Shane Oakley

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