“The only (webcomic) to ever give me the chills was Split Lip.”
— El Santo, The Webcomic Overlook

“The narrative sensibilities of Rod Serling with the visual flair of a Crypt Keeper tale.”
— Strange Kids Club

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Not Sleeping Well and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

Stories that plumb our deepest fears and darkest thoughts

A child disappears from his home—but is the man who returns claiming to be him telling the truth? A pair of bank robbers stowed away on a haunted train. A building explosion leaves in its rubble three tons of raw meat that no one can explain. A silent film star will do anything to save her career as “talkies” debut.

Discover for yourself why The Horror Blog called Split Lip “the predominant original horror comic work on the Internet.”

Featuring the stories:

  • The Voice of Celia Darling, with art by John Bivens
  • Not Sleeping Well, with art by Ayhan Hayrula
  • In Another Room, with art by Lee O’Connor
  • Make Westing, with art by Anthony Peruzzo
  • The Pieces of Meat, with art by Dirk Shearer
  • Headin’ South, with art by Kyle Strahm
  • Panopticon, with art by Joel Vollmer

Cover art by Shane Oakley

Split Lip