“Split Lip is the best horror anthology on the Internet.”
— Comics Should Be Good

“Costello emerges as a keen student of horror, one who understands the nagging thoughts that keep us awake at night, as well as a sharp-eyed curator of artistic talent.”
— Gamma Squad

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Last Caress and Other Uncanny Encounters

Chilling encounters with the strangeness that lurks in the world

Fashion executives who see can see only decay and crave darkness. A Depression-era farmer choosing between a failing farm and a failing wife. A wife searching for her husband, disappeared on their honeymoon. A photographer sees something he shouldn’t have through his camera.

You’ll meet these characters and more in Last Caress and Other Uncanny Encounters, a book that will leave you feeling the world’s cold, inhuman grasp on your long after you close its pages.


All stories written by Sam Costello

  • Se Perdre, with art by John Bivens
  • The Consequences of a Little Alone Time, with art by Diego Candia
  • Long Live the King, with art by Gary Crutchley
  • Last Caress, with art by Douglas Draper, Jr.
  • Straw Gods, with art by TJ Kirsch
  • Fish Drink, with art by Iain Laurie
  • Look Carefully, with art by Sami Makkonen

Cover art by Shane Oakley

Split Lip